Alone we can
do so little;
together we can
do so much.

– Helen Keller

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A transdisciplinary team serving children and adults.

We’re just enthusiastic about what we do.

~ Steve Jobs

What Makes Us Different?


The first step to providing quality services to any client is an intuitive and detailed assessment.


Our treatment approach is unique in its philosophy and delivery model, based on years of clinical experience.


Informed clients are empowered clients, who able to make positive changes more quickly in all facets of their lives.


All the expertise in the world doesn’t matter if clients don’t feel supported. At Speak Freely Therapy, we understand.

Our Philosophy

Imagine that you have decided to join a gym, or even worse, that someone has made that decision for you. Maybe you need to reduce stress, lose weight, gain strength and coordination, or have another reason. And now imagine that the most scary place in the world to you is that gym…

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Tooting Our Own Horn About Music Speaks

Music Speaks is a group program that was developed by Joyce Hignett (me!) and Heidi Flynn, our music therapist extraordinaire. It is a creative, integrative therapy program that blends components of speech-language pathology and music therapy. I


“Joyce Hignett and her staff are knowledgeable and thorough. They know when to push and when to let up. My child gets the full undivided attention of his therapist when he is at Speak Freely and I find he learns more in his one hour session than I ever expected. My child has been with Speak Freely Therapy Services since opening.”

– parent

“There are no ulterior motives at Speak Freely Therapy Services. These are dedicated professionals who give 100% of themselves with the best interest of your child in mind. Highly expert, friendly, compassionate, with a high degree of integrity: I trust them. Our son has been a regular there for over a year and the gains are amazing. He has grown so much with their help. We’ve used both the OT and speech services and highly, highly recommend.”

– JJ, parent and teacher

“As an educational consultant who has worked with Joyce Hignett over a period of years, I have become aware of her dedication and determination to provide the most comprehensive and effective strategies possible in order to improve the speech/communication issues of her clients. I have been particularly impressed with her very direct, practical approach and that she understands the importance of providing a functional, meaningful context for communication as an integral part of her service.”

– LN, teacher and independent consultant

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