COVID-19 Update

We’re re-opening!!!

Our team is working diligently to get everything in place to begin seeing clients again, following guidelines set out by CASLPO and the Ministry of Health.

Things will be operating a little differently. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Our environment
  • All toys, books and drawing materials for the children have been removed from the waiting area.
  • All magazines, flyers, and reading material for adults have also been removed
  • The number of waiting room chairs has been reduced to allow for physical distancing
  • Frequently-touched surfaces (door knobs, chairs, tables, point-of-sale machine, etc.) will be disinfected after each client attendance
  • Therapy rooms will also be disinfected after each session
  • Materials that do not allow for disinfection will not be used in sessions (such as playdoh, puppets, and other soft materials)
  • In the short-term at least, there will be no after-session lollipops available. 
2. Staffing
  • In the initial stages of re-opening, only one staff member will be seeing clients per day
  • Appointments will be staggered to allow for extra cleaning and disinfection, and to reduce contact between clients.
3. Use of PPE
  • We are required to enforce universal masking for staff and clients. Please come with your own disposable or cloth mask. We will provide clear face-shields for clients to wear as most people do not have access to them.
  • Our staff will be wearing clear face-shield PPE to allow for interaction with clients. Gloves will be worn for any direct client contact.
  • We anticipate that many of our clients will not tolerate wearing PPE. If that is the case, we can discuss alternatives including virtual/teletherapy sessions or increasing distancing in the room.
4. Scheduling appointments
  • We will call you prior to your appointment to complete a screening questionnaire.
  • We ask that you do not schedule in-clinic sessions if the client or anyone in close contact is showing any signs of illness, and that you cancel sessions in the case of illness.
5. How your clinic experience will be different
  • We ask that only the client and one caregiver visit the clinic, without additional family members.
  • If appropriate for client age and level of need, we ask that clients attend alone without an additional person. In these cases, we will text caregivers when the session is complete to reduce time in the waiting area.
  • All clients will be expected to perform thorough hand-washing prior to the start of their session. If they require assistance, we are asking caregivers to help.
  • As noted previously, the use of face-protection PPE is required by everyone in the clinic.
  • Please arrive on-time and leave right after sessions. Our goal is for clients to transition directly into the therapy room with their awaiting clinician, rather than wait in the reception area
  • After the session, we will answer your questions by phone rather than in person.
  • Payment can occur after sessions, or by e-transfer, or monthly if clients prefer. Please discuss the options with your clinician.
  • There will be less hands-on interaction with clients, such as holding hands while on the trampoline or assisting in the use of therapy balls.
  • Hugs, high-5’s, handshakes and other social touching will not be allowed, at least in the short-term.

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding our COVID-19 policies, via phone (705-730-1006) or email (

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